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Working for a start-up, you must be able to be laser focused, detail oriented, and also be able to make big moves on the fly. In the case of Specless, shortly after I was hired​, the message we wanted to convey to the market shifted and with that, we needed a new website and web app for our product.

The general brief was to update the website and app with our new branding that conveyed a more sleek, smart and technical place in the ad tech market.

My role in this process was the overall Digital Art Director role along with our CEO to plan and ideate this big new vision as well as the UI and UX design role for the design specifics. For this project, Adobe Photoshop was used for all of the large hero graphics where the prototype tool, Figma, and web development tool Prismic, were used by me to design work flow specifics before handing off to our developers and engineers.

Invisible Friends
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