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Missing Persons Advocacy Network(MPAN), is a non profit organization in Australia, seeking to reunite missing persons to their families. Also being a client of the agency I worked for in Australia, whiteGREY, I was given the opportunity to be at the forefront of design and art direction of this cross media project.

The brief was to create a social campaign that would be based using Facebook's facial recognition capabilities to find missing persons. With the help of MPAN and families of about 12 missing people, we were able to create Facebook profiles for each missing person. By uploading pictures of these people and getting others from all around the world to add these profiles as "friends", the hope was to let technology do the heavy lifting in helping us find these missing persons.

Limited resources and a 2.5 week turnaround from start to finish meant helping across many mediums. Ultimately, our hard work paid off and we won a Bronze Mobile Lion at Cannes 2018.

Credits: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Microsite Art Direction and Lead Digital Design,

Video Shooting

Check out the links below to see the work in action.


Covered in 30+ countries

Reached 2/3 of all Australians

Groups in Britain, U.S. and Europe are implementing Invisible Friends in 2018

Facebook contacted MPAN and has offered help

Invisible Friends
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