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The core search feature was outdated, clunky and inefficient. ​Our product users, a team of recruiters, needed modern search capabilities and to be able to view more useful data. The table view with horizontal scroll and unorganized filters was slowing down their process.


Interview our users to see how they currently use and intend to use this feature. Research how other products currently implement search features. Then, test prototypes to verify our findings. 


Categorize the search filters so the users can perform a more targeted search. Then, by restructuring the candidate result row items to display useful data in an easy to digest method, the recruiting team will quickly be able to screen candidates without having to leave the platform.


After this update was implemented, our recruiting team was able to find and approve a large increase in more targeted candidates in nearly a fraction of the time. This opened their workflow to engage in other parts of the recruiting process and less in the manual, tedious sourcing part of their job.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 12.21.19
Old Product Screen Shot
Meet the New
Candidate Search Product Feature
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