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Born & bred in Chicago, adventure seeker and digital design enthusiast currently residing in Arizona. These are just a few of the many qualities that make me who I am. My design focus is everything digital product. From leading all of UI and UX design to product road mapping, design research & conceptualization, I currently lead all design efforts across 4 digital platforms at Kohler Energy. To paraphrase 'Shape Up' by Basecamp's Ryan Singer, I'm not a programmer, but I'm technically literate. I've spent the majority of my design career working hand in hand with developers, so although I cannot write code, I'm aware of technical limitations and capabilities and let those guide my designs.


You can always find me with a cold brew, 365 days a year, and planning my next trip. Travel and design are very important to me and I love merging these two mediums of creativity whenever I can. Catch me documenting my travels through photography and videography or behind my mac cooking up my next project.  

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